Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry I Lied

I was on my way to the Apple store yesterday ready to buy a Nano. So I venture out to Union Square a whole 2 blocks away, see peeps in line for an iPhone still, and cruise into the iPod section. Then it dawned upon me – I really don’t need a Nano! Its primary function would just to use when I work out and run, and its not like I ever go more than an hour or so, and even then, that’s only like 15 songs I’d listen to during a session. So having over 130 hours of continuous playback might be a lil OD.

How bout the Nike+ package though? I thought about that for a sec, and I doubt I would ever track my performances. If anything, I could just use a watch haha. Do you think Kenyans use all that technology? Nope, and they seem to be doing pretty well. Shoot sometimes they don’t even use shoes! And then I don’t even have to buy an arm band too, which is good because I dislike getting jacked up tanlines.

So I ended up purchasing a red iPod 2GB Shuffle, which kinda looks magenta-ish. 500 songs is more than enough for a workout session or a love-making session or anything else in-between. Then I randomly filled it up which isn’t such a good idea, since this morning I heard a Blackalicious song followed by a Janet song followed by a Jack Johnson song, so I think now I really have to focus on making playlists.

Or maybe the real reason is I’m kariput and its better to spend $75 on a Shuffle than $250 on a Nano and accessories lol.