Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not the Bright Day

The Dark Knight

Aight so I’m over a week late with this review. Thanks to Rol, Mark, Nick and Rach for coming out and watching it with me. If you local cats haven’t been to the Kabuki in a minute, it straight transformed to this awesome movie going experience. Kinda like an ordinary girl in high school blossoming into this dime like in her 30s, like whoa where did that come from? I’m frugal, not cheap, so I don’t like spending $6 for a soda right. But freakin’ BEERS cost like $5 here. Wait I’m starting to think I wrote about this [*checks older posts*]…oh schnapps no wonder this sounds familiar…let me just talk about the movie.

- Probably the illest Bat mode of transportation ever
- I can think of 50 other actresses other than Maggie G to play Rachel Dawes
- It wasn’t just Ant and Mark and myself who thought his voice was on one!
- A little long, but didn’t seem too long since it was fast paced and such
- General Ledger was a grimey a villian as any comic book character I’ve seen. Wanna see this pencil disappear??
- I can’t front, if I was like 7 watching this, I would be kinda shook
- Didn’t like how he was always referred to as “The Batman,” like he’s some freeway in So Cal [“take the 101” they say, whereas we just say “take 101”]
- Crazy makeup job on Two-Face…he was looking like half of the T-1000
- I hope this shatters Titanic’s record, but I hate how they never factor inflation when discussing the highest grossing movies of all time. Same thing bothers me when they discuss career earnings for golfers, like of course Vijay Singh has more career earnings than Jack Nicklaus, but it doesn’t mean he’s a greater golfer! Its not hard to adjust figures based on the time value of money.
- Commissioner Gordon doesn’t look gangsta, but homie is for real
- I’m not sure I like this more than Batman Begins. While I did enjoy it, I think I just appreciated the character development in the first one. I mean we never knew how he straight up obtained ninja status
- Why are all superheroes rich playboys? Tony Stark too comes to mind.
- I wish I had an Alfred haha
- Can't wait to see how they outdo this one! Hopefully it won't go downhill like the first installment