Thursday, August 07, 2008

T-Mobile Dash Unappreciation = FTL

Once upon a time, like circa Dec 2006, I wanted to get my grown man on, but didn’t want to get a BlackBerry. I’ve been seeing dudes at the mall with their SK3’s hanging from their neck and I’m like damn, time to move on gotta be strong. The Dash caught my eye with its sleekness, its compactness, its PDA features, its Windows mobile apps, its complement-ness with my iPod, and I was able to get it for a good price. Wait – let me take that back, since it was a gift, so it definitely was a good price! Anyway I wanted to make sure I can chat capabilities on it, since that’s what I primarily used it for…well to talk too of course. Nothing better than spitting e-game on the toilet you feel?

That Christmas I asked Kris Kringle for a memory card for my phone, and got one…but I still haven’t installed it! That should’ve been sign #1. The following March, it dropped out of my car unknowingly while I was getting gas. I came back and found it there [thanks Saint Anthony, patron of lost stuff], but the screen was all cracked. That should’ve been sign #2. I ended up getting a new one, selling my cracked out one, and extending my contract. Worst. Move. Ever. Now I be chopping it up, and my phone just cuts out. I charge it overnight, and I have like one bar of life in when its still the AM. Having a broke phone can be the ultimate game killer. Hmmm…either get a new phone with T-Mobile or wait til my contract runs out, then transition to the ubitiquious iPhone…decisions decisions.

I miss my SK2.

Damn I have mad PS skillz.