Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Can We Chill

You know when you have a favorite artist, you always sway between your most fav song from them? Regarding MC3, aka Ne-Yo, I’ve been really feeling “Go On Girl” for a minute, but super lately its been “Can We Chill”. I honestly feel it just depends on your mood at the time you feel. Like whatever your current mindset is will make you gravitate towards a particular song’s vibe. Not what I said is anything earth-shattering [that phrase is much stronger than ground-breaking], but all good. For real, I know I toss the word anthem around a lot, but currently its “Can We Chill.” It’s like talking to me haha *wink*

Oh yeah, so his newest album got pushed back 2wice and doesn’t come out til mid-September. I heard a couple other tracks besides “Closer”, and I’ll guarantee “Together” will be a hit single. It was love upon first listen, even with all the DJ shout outs dammit why can’t I ever get a clean copy of a song??

Baby don't you be so mean
I try to keep my conversation clean
But you the flyest thing i seen
Since i came up in here, you a superstar my dear
I dont wanna waste your time
With no corny playa lines
But girl if you dont mind
I will love to occupy the space right by your side

Girl can we chill
Talk about leavin together sure we will
But just for now don't let my champagne spill on you
As you make your move to the floor, floor, floor, floor