Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man Crush #5

I kinda cheated and added a fictional character there, so let me replace him. And I can't promise I won't stop referencing my MC's going forward.

MC5 = Manny Pacquiao! Actually I kinda forgot him when I compiled my original list. Well boxers only fight a couple times a year so you can’t really blame me. But dude’s built like me, except I’m a lil [okay a lot] fatter and he’s a lot stronger and quicker. Same height [I might be a lil taller], same age [I’m a lil younger], and I probably have bigger feet lol. But dude is a walking living breathing legend. I can’t front, the most boxing I’ve ever watched was on my old Nintendo playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out [and I was the first Tacorda to beat him you dig], but dude made it hella interesting for me. You notice it when you watch him fight in a room full of Filipinos, word to the Ajoste residence, and you can see how proud we are of dude. Yeah he has his dalliances in politics and singing and whatever, so he’s just like us!

But for real, I admire dude a lot. There hasn’t been many Filipino dudes outside of my fam that can be considered role models or inspirations, and I’m glad he’s touched us in that way. If only he got a new haircut though, it would be game over. And I somehow someway want a pair of autographed gloves by him one day.

Pound for pound the greatest fighter alive! Good thing he weighs only like a buck 30.

Vid Du Jour – Check him out with the Boston Celtics, and watch out for Sam Cassell lol.