Friday, August 29, 2008

Mad Bored on a Friday Afternoon Before Labor Day

Hmm…what’s going on? Wow I hit 40 posts for the month - that was a personal best. First off I want to welcome The Ugly Stick to the blogosphere! Hope you can keep it up playboy. I already like the layout of your page. Man I know of a few people already transitioning to Wordpress, but I think I’ma Blogger loyalist. However I’ve entertained that thought but I like to centralize my posts. Is Xanga still around?

I just added mad photos to my Facebook page that I stole off other people’s accounts, some dating back to like 2004 lol. I still need to pimp out my FB page since I never got around to doing that for Myspace haha. But for real, before I embark on my next international vacay I'ma splurge on an SLR, hopefully within the next year.

Okay people, I'm bout to run 13.1 miles on Sunday then retire from any type of running going forward! Haha but like all rappers and boxers, I'ma make a comeback.

Okay party people enjoy the Labor Day weekend and get your white pant wearing out of the way since you can't wear them past Monday!