Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We Run Things

So this past weekend myself and a few others ventured down towards the bad half of the state to participate in the 3rd annual Disneyland Marathon, which should probably just be called the Anaheim Marathon since you’re through D-Land for only about a mile. It cost a C-note but doesn’t include park admission, and not even a churro.

About the race:
- Woke up around 4a, was a bit anxious since it was my first half and longest timed run by far since I’ve just done a 3.5 miler.
- Kinda tapered off on the training the last week…I had to preserve my energy for the run!
- Decided to run with the Manny Pack, in honor of Manny Pacquaio! Lol I crack myself up.
- Michelle wasn’t feeling too well, so she was a game-time decision. But she still finished so she’s a trooper.
- I had a goal of breaking 3 hours lol. The ever-encouraging Rach was like no you could do it in 2:30!! We shall see.
- We all snuck into Corral B, but of course I was only one called out to go to my assigned wave. Then I went stealth-mode and dodged the volunteer.
- Oh yeah the night before we picked up our packs, and they only had XXL shirts left. Dude was like “early bird catches the worm!” Inside I’m like “annoying volunteer catches the fist!” but for real, you figure you pay a bill and you put MED as your shirt size they wouldn’t run out yeah?
- So we’re running, and I wanted to run the first 5 miles then walk then proceed running again.
- G and I break the 5 mile marker at the 57 minute mark. So we’re doing roughly a 11:30 mile pace.
- G initially wanted to run 8 miles straight, and since I’m a man of my word I told her I would then I could chill after that haha.
- So after the 8 mile marker, I started to sing “Lose Yourself” in honor of Eminem. Now I’m tryna break 2:45.
- Surprisingly I still have energy, so we’re like “how bout 10 straight?” Must’ve been that Clif Bar and Monster Drink breakfast I had.
- Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry” play on my Shuffle. I forgot to update my songs in preparation of the race haha.
- After 10 I’m getting sore and cranky and I start swearing like a seaman [aka a sailor, just wanted to use seaman haha].
- G and I just said “eff it” and “let’s just run the whole thing!” Mood: determined, as I want to break 2:30 now.
- I didn’t even look at the actual course…but G was getting excited because she anticipated certain landmarks, like Angel Stadium.
- There’s mad Disney characters that seemed new to me.
- Every cheerleading squad from the OC had to be there.
- If I maintain an 11 min mile, I could shatter my goal for the last 5K. [Sorry don’t mean to confuse yall using the metric system too].
- We pass the the 13 mile marker, and the finish line should be close, but we don’t even see it!
- The last 0.1 miles I swear was the longest 0.1 miles ever, as we zig-zagged through Downtown Disney. As we're headed towards the end, Kanye's "Champion" begins to play. How apropos!
- Finally the finishline! Clock reads 2:32, but we crossed the startline at 6:03a, and officially both G and I did it in 2:28:27. Here’s proof, just type my name. Mood: accomplished!
- After we all finished we convene to support Mark as he’s about to propose. Dude finished in 1:57 so he had hella time to think about the proposal haha. Congrats guys!

About the rest of the weekend:
- Me, G, Jeff and Michelle fly Virgin, and its good to see the latter two reconcile over that Anagram game haha
- I passed the fat test to and fro there! If you don’t know what that is, its if you need to make the seatbelt wider, then you could stand to lose a lil weight.
- We were about to get another PT Cruiser, but collectively decided to upgrade to a Dodge Nitro!
- Avoid the Jack in the Box in Inglewood, unless you want to go to the most expensive JITB ever.
- We ate at Buca and PF Chang’s you know, since we totally can’t have it up in the Bay. Sorry Louise!
- I’ve never experienced chafing before, but my right arm pit and swamp ass now know the feeling.
- G’s Garmin Nuvi 750 [nicknamed Navagina by Jeff] was the MVP of the weekend.
- We went to the J-Lounge in downtown LA [yes there is a downtown LA] to see Neil Armstrong spin. Too bad he didn’t spin the whole night since there was a repeated set! Gasp!
- The following morn finally saw Cicely after like 8 years! So it was finally good to see you and meet your man and find out about the history of Ruby’s haha.
- The UNDFTD in Santa Monica was pretty disappointing, which is good since then I would’ve bought something otherwise.
- Wow both LAX and SFO weren’t busy at all considering the 3day weekend.
- Damn I’m sore still lol.

Here are pictures courtesy of G: