Thursday, September 04, 2008

Checkin' up on the Reegolutions

Since I’ma lame and wanted to consolidate all my blogs into this site, I crtl+c,crtl+v’ed all my Myspace entries and backdated them to reflect when I wrote them. I reread a couple of them and one in particular stood out. Partially inspired too by Taft’s and Rol’s recent blogs about setting goals for themselves as well as Share-bare’s permanent list [which is a great idea btw], I want to see how I’m holding up to my new year’s resolutions since we’re almost a lil over 2/3s done with it. Honestly you can say all the goals you want to do but ultimately it has to be you to hold yourself accountable. But still set your goals as high as possible!

Back on December 27, 2007, Reegsta wrote:

Woohoo its my last working day of the calendar year today! Here's a preliminary list of my new years resolutions. Let's revisit them on -010109- and see what was accomplished.

Okay I lied, let’s revisit them on -090408-

- lose weight, gain muscle [but if you've seen me recently, you can tell that process already started!]

Halfway there! I’ve lost weight training for the half, now I’m gunning for Definition like Mos Def and Talib.

- have the see pee aye sufffix after my name [oh yeah I'm retaking the first part again eeeks]

Okay definitely need to work on this. I totally thought I passed this part in Apr-08 but fell a lil short, then I got pissed and haven’t opened my books since. Will resume studying like last week.

- upgrade the whip [I had my last straw today as I had to tetris my golf travel bag into my trunk]

Woohoo finally achieved one of my goals!

- downsize the kicks [since I only wear sneaks on wknds, I rotate about 40-50 pairs, so that's like 100+ pairs that remain untouched]

Okay the process has started, as this resolution is not mutually exclusive from the one right above it haha.

- stack chips [I've collected cards, starting line-ups, cds, shoes all pretty thoroughly – now I just want to get my paper chase on]

I have been a more judicious spender, but then I got my car. Now I really have to budget since I haven’t had a car-note in like 3 years! Man total spreadsheet overload.

- become a better golfer [it has been determined it's the sport I suck at the least]

Well I got a new golf set, so that’s a start. I’m playing in about a week and a half and haven’t picked up a club in about a month. This will probably be a resolution of mine til I die haha.

- become a better boyfriend/brother/son/friend/coworker [not that anyone has any complaints, but there's always room for improvement]

Ooooh this is a tricky one. Hmmm…as a BF, I was putting forth the effort, maybe a lil too late but my intentions were good…but that’s still a WIP. As a bro and son, I’m always there for my fam, word to Rol’s tat on his left arm. As a coworker, I’ve been forced to pick it up due to attrition of my department. But I’ve been blogging more so that might offset it haha.

- become a better photographer [but that would entail getting a camera]

I can’t buy all my toys at once! Laptop first, then killa camera.

- launch [which should just contain my amusing musings, like a more mature reegspeak]

Done! Thanks to Ant, just peep the address bar for the URL. Just don't think I matured too much haha.

- get out of the country [I haven't been international since '04, since canada doesn't count]

I had and have one butt cheek [aka half-assed] plans to go to Germany, Japan & Australia, but none of those ever came to fruition. But then again there's still time, just need some scrilla now haha. I totally love the PI but have been there like 3 times since I've graduated and its time to explore the world!

Okay so these are 10 things I would like to do for 2008. Funny thing is that it mirrors my 2007 list!

And it'll probably look like my 2009 list too!