Friday, September 05, 2008


I wrote this a lil while ago and I thought Ant forgot about it!

Regrets That are Okay to Have, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

So Ant and I double-teamed this piece and it might be apparent which blurbs I had haha. I wanted to try to make it universal, so I'm curious to the response the piece receives. It's meant to be taken light-hearted anyway. Anyway since probably 95% of the people reading it don't even know me, I wanted to give a glimpse to my readers to my insight. Man my bad for doing my own commentary, guess I'm feeling myself.

Having a significant other in college – One year is fine, and maybe even two. Having guaranteed vag is always a little easier. However if you were single, your game potentially would’ve been sharper and possibly your college experience would’ve been much more fun, unless you currently have an STD.

Man I was pretty much in a relationship for 3.9 years of my college life, and I went to the University of Casual Sex and Beer. Its hard to make up a couple years in 0.1 years but I tried haha.

Not seeing your favorite athlete or musician live – One day I’ll be able to tell my future kids that I saw Michael Jordan play basketball, but I’ll leave out the detail that he was in a Wizards jersey. Athletes have a shorter shelf life in their prime, and you really don’t appreciate them until after they retire. Do yourself a favor and find out when your favorite artist comes in town next and buy tickets if you haven’t seen them perform.

I've seen Tiger, but not in a Major. I've never been to a Warriors Playoff game. I've seen Kanye, but for claiming to be a hip-hop head I haven't seen many acts. So if anyone is down I'm down too. Weezer is coming too I think next month?

The One that got away – This isn’t necessarily the One who you’d think you would marry, but it can also be interpreted as that one girl you could have had. Blame it on timing, on lack of balls, on another girl or on the weather, but guys will always fish for an excuse to make themselves feel better about this situation. It’s really okay though, since most of us do have that one girl in mind.

I think most dudes could relate with me here. This is the "what if" chick. You were diggin' her when you were single but she was taken then she was single but you were taken blah blah. Its like damn, why can't this ever balance out like a journal entry? [haha accounting reference]

Buying an MP3 player that’s not an iPod – While I’m no Apple fanboy, these other gadgets are just glorified bootlegs of the original. You may just say Apple has a superior marketability, but they also have a superior product. Even Bill Gates would rather have an iPod over a Zune.

Replace "MP3 player" with "cell phone" and "Zune" with "Dash", but I did get a new battery and my phone hasn't been tripping out as much. **crosses toes**

Accepting that first job offer – Once you see that starting salary on your offer letter outweighing your career earnings, you tend to sign the dotted line right away. Generally speaking, your first job dictates your career path unless you plan to go back to school and start over. So make sure you’re passionate about what you accept.

Okay...back in college I wanted to ultimately be a trader. My roommates all got gigs with Big 5 companies and I even interviewed and landed a few offers. However I detested the thought of a busy season and auditing, and I preferred the corporate accounting over that stuff. So I rejected all auditing firm offers and headed to LA, which isn't the best place to go to for financial services. So I'm working at an adveristing company and Eric goes "hey if you want to work at E&Y there's positions open." But dude came home pissed every day, and I didn't want that haha. This was before the whole SOX 404 Compliance too. Anyway I still had [have?] aspirations to not do accounting. But now if you look at most public companies, like from the Asst Controller to the CFO all have Big 5 experience.

So if I have a goal of being CFO somewhere [remember to aim high!], I don't have this on my resume. I'm not saying its impossible, but its like Cranium where you have the inside path [with Big 5 experience] or the outside path [without]. So the model I want to follow is that of our CAO [Chief Accounting Officer], who also went to UCSB, pushes a Range Rover, doesn't have a CPA and dates strippers.

But now that I'm processing commissions checks for our traders, I again want to be one of them now haha.

Moving out the nest right away – It is definitely hard to depend on your parents after not living with them for the past 4 or 5 years. But it’s also harder living paycheck to paycheck those first couple of years into the workforce. Maybe it would’ve been better to eliminate your debt and build your savings before trying to make it out on your own.

Even if it was only for a year, I think I should've lived at home for a lil bit. Oh well. My scrounging made me more appreciative [sike, but theoretically it should have.]

That tattoo you got that you no longer like – Whether it’s the tribal band on your bicep, misspelled Chinese characters on your chest, or what’s her name on your arm, you’re reminded everyday of your decision. Maybe you should have tried those temporary tattoos for a while first, but take solace in knowing that there are now more and more ways to get rid of an unwanted tattoo.

By AD - but I was planning to get inked up now i'm having second thoughts haha.

Listening to non-investment people about investment advice – Unless you have financial savvy, it is pretty difficult to make sound economic decisions. You should never invest in anything just because everyone else is. Make sure your risk-taking is always calculated. Who wouldn’t regret losing money anyway?

Freshman year I spent $500 [which in today's terms would be like $5000] for something that is basically a ponzi scheme. I thought I could retire off those telecommunication signups. I should've bought turntables instead.

Hooking up with that one girl – Unless she gave you that aforementioned STD or you inadvertently impregnated her or is she was your homie’s ex, then you shouldn’t have this regret.

N/A here unfortunately haha.

Buying the extended warranty on electronics –It probably wasn’t the best move, but you shelled out the extra $349 for a 3-year extended warranty on a $1,999 HDTV you bought a few years back. Extended warranties are a huge cash cow for all retailers, but the rule of thumb when purchasing these warranties is that you shouldn’t be insuring what you can afford to buy again, but what you can’t. The rationale being that to replace a $99 DVD player is easy, but having to buy another $1,999 HDTV would suck.

By AD too, but I can relate, after buying a 24 month warranty for my laptop and needing it during the 25th month haha. Damn I hate Best Buy.