Thursday, August 28, 2008

Foodie @ Pete's Tavern

Where: Pete's Tavern [duh look at the title]
When: August 21, 2008
Who: Tiff, Rach, Trish, G, Jeff K, Ed, Dennis, Vic, Nick, Ant, Mike, Mark, Reeg
What: Neiman Ranch Burger with Curly Fries, a Mozzarella Stick and an Arnold Palmer
How Much: $20

So last week I was at the Embarcadero from like 11a til like 930p, and during that time I drank, ate, peeped a game, baked in the sun, ran to Aquatic Park and back, and ate again.

Pete's Tavern's signage isn't even that big, so when you see it from the outside its underwhelming, but once you walk in you see a Capacity: 400 sign and realize that this place is pretty big! Its pretty much a sports bar with a lil better quality food than a normal sports bar. Its pretty loud but like I said, its a sports bar and its not like the Masters were on.

I had Everett & Jones BBQ the night prior so I wanted something else, hence the burger. I added bacon, because bacon makes everything better. If they made bacon into pills, I would use that as my medicine and I bet you I'd feel better if I got sick. It was good beef though, but after eating it I wanted a buffalo meat burger haha. The Mozzarella sticks were on point, but they better be considering it was like 6 for $9. I had like 6 refills of an Arnold Palmer because I was mad parched from my earlier run. Plus because the non-alcoholic drinks were bottomless, word to Red Robin.

Damn I’m really hungry now.