Thursday, August 28, 2008

Give Me One Moment in Time

One of my mantras right now is tryna live in the moment…not in the past, not really in the future, but live for the moment. I’m not sure if the Olympics inspired that or something lol, but it was probably a combination of quotes, people, different mentalities and influences.

Nothing is ever promised tomorrow today.

Yeah that’s a played out quote but its so apt, so suitable and pertinent to how I’m tryna live. For the moment. Elliot Yamin will Wait for You, but I’m not him. Trey Songz Can’t Help But Wait, but I’m not him either. Jack Johnson is Sitting, Waiting & Wishing, and I’m definitely not like that either haha. I’m more like Hi-Five: I Just Can’t Wait Another Minute!

Back on June 22nd, 2005, Reegsta wrote:

Now its time to upgrade my whip! (After I stop paying rent though. Guys, please listen to E-40: Don't buy a $85,000 car, before you buy a house!)

Lesson learned: Have a goal, then go out to achieve it.

So Everyone Nose I’ve been wanting a new whip for awhile. I have proof on my blog haha. Ever since I was a youngin’, I wanted a black SUV. Back then there was a Black Jeep Grand Cherokee on my block and I thought it was the freshest thing ever. Then I hella wanted a Dodge Durango [keep in mind I can’t even drive yet lol]. Now that I got my mind right though, I was looking at a gauntlet of whips - an MDX, a Ridgeline, a Pathfinder, a Pilot, a LR3, a Touareg – basically any non-American mid-size SUV haha. I was priced out on a few of those but there was really only one car I considered. Deep down inside I really loved the 4Runner even though DK and JL already have them. But I had their blessings and if I got a Pathfinder or something, then they probably would make fun of me behind my back haha.

So Toyota is on their 4th Gen and a new body was supposed to come out for 2009. After doing my diligence [which just comprised of lurking on], a new body wouldn’t be ready until 2010. And per DK, you shouldn’t really get the 1st edition of a new generation or something, so that would be 2011. Per above, I just couldn’t wait anymore.

Sen-Dog right now has 110K miles, broken window wipers, no passenger-side visor, a bumper that might fall off since I installed it myself [from Sentra to Dent-ra, hahaha I was pretty funny back then], and half my console lights actually light up, so you could say I was overdue for a new car haha. I bought him Labor Day 2000 and he definitely served his purpose. He’s still around though for those days I need to park at MacArthur BART or something lol.

For some reason right now they’re having crazy sales, rebates and preferred financing for SUVs. I think it has to do with gas prices? Anyway its not gonna be a daily driver, I just wanted something where I can fit more than one golf set in without having to use my backseat!

So here’s my [technically still the banks, but uknowwhatimsayin’] Black 2008 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition 4x4 V6! What’s funny is that my very first passengers were the people I had to pickup in casual carpool hahaha.

DK I hope I have your approval, didn't really want to swagger jack you and JL but I had to.