Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chesticles on Facebook

So I'm perusing through my friends profiles, and it seems a few females got boob jobs or something since the last time I've seen them! I mean for real, I would've totally remembered who was stacked while we were undergrads. I can't verify all of them except for one, but yo for real - these girls got skinnier but more top heavy, and I know some of them don't have kids yet. Anyway these are chicks primarily from good ol UC-Santa Barbara, where i know of a chick who got a boob job as a graduation gift lol.

Then there was this other chick who was pretty endowed and we thought it was all natural, but one of my homies verified the siliconness since he used to mess with her for a minute.

Then there was this other pinay chick who was kinda thicky thick that all the brothas used to holler at, you know all 6 that went to UCSB. She was curvy in college but you knew she was gon blow up in a few years. Shoot it was already happening towards senior year!

I'm not even a boob dude so these are just casual observations I have, and I won't put these girls on blast so just let me know if you can help me verify the authenticity of some haha.