Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diggy’s 2nd Birthday

Here goes pics from my adorable nephew’s 2nd birthday this past weekend at Coyote Point. I love that lil dude. Seeing him and Isaiah and Luke and CJ makes me want to have kids already lol...pause hold up press rewind! So we’re supposed to be at sites 9 & 10 right? Tell me why there’s only signage for sites 5 & 6 and then 1 & 2? So I’ve been here mad times, yet we circled that whole park like 20 minutes and I had freaking 50 pounds of ice in my car. I actually had to turn around and re-enter so I can talk to the ranger to let me know where to go. Anyway that day was really fun, and I ate like everything there.

I always wanted to do a Tacorda-themed BBQ picnic, like all my siblings and their friends and my friends and family and family friends, then that would be mad [but yet happy] people! Like invite everyone who’s like within a degree of one of us you know? Anyway peep the pics, you probably might recognize some of the people there.