Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Work The Angles, Sharp and Precise

Dilated Peoples, so you better build twice! Man I used to love that song back in the day. Norm always used to juggle with it when we were roommates, and that beat still knocks to this day. But this entry isn’t about an Evidence and Rakaa Iriscience song, its about coming back from an eye appointment, hence the dialated pupils I currently have. Therefore this typing is a bit challenging at the moment.

Remember back in the day when they had that chart, it was mad embarrassing for me because the eye doctor would keep raising up to the bigger fonts. I used to cheat and study the chart before while making up pneumonic memory devices for certain lines haha. Yes nerdy I’ll admit. Therefore I really didn’t get specs until sophomore year when I probably could’ve used them in 6th grade. What’s funny is that during our golf banquet, my coach referenced me getting glasses as the key reason why my game improved lol. I was so blind I used to hit into greens when people were still on putting haha.

I think I was destined for bad eyesight though. I started reading the sports page in 1st grade in the car ride to school, and it generally was pretty dark, shaky and small fonted. Then I started to watch a scrambled Spice channel [like you didn’t! at least the audio wasn't obstructed haha] later on combined with hours of video gaming probably didn’t help. Plus not sure if its hereditary, but my dad has pretty bad vision.

Anyway back to today, my eye doctor dialated my eyes then told me to sign my bill, and I couldn’t even see the amount! It was like Stevie Wonder giving an autograph. I wasn’t really tripping because I have FSA-VSP-Flex whatever else to pay for it, but I thought that was funny. Of course she told me the charges and deductions orally, and luckily I’m a human 10-Key so I processed it all. But other people not as diligent [or nerdy] might not be able to.

FYI – I kinda dig chicks when they rock their glasses. But only if the girl is cute already without them. Its not like some specs are gonna turn an average chick into a looker haha.