Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Site Under Construction

A special shout to my #1 Fan for providing the beautiful panoramic shot of my new background. I especially like it because its almost from the viewpoint of my East Bay proximity. MS Paint is pretty limited so I need to wait to get home to figure out the text. While I’m at it I might as well change the title too. I mean you only get Resurrected once. It’s only one of the 5 Glorious mysteries [man my moms would be hella proud]. Hmm the next one would be the Ascension, but that’s not happening [I had to research that, as I’m not an alpha Catholic despite 12 years of private school]. Maybe I should chill off the religious tip though.

Back in 2003 when I first started this, the title was Reegsta’s Ramblings: Ponderings and Wonderings. Then it became Reeg Speak: Lend me your Ear to Reeg Speak: The Resurrection. I kinda wish I maintained my old formats and still had my old comments, but according to the dude on the right, no looking back! I keep progressing, so maybe it could be Reeg Speak: The Evolution of a Revolution, with the latter word also referring to the shoe that turned me into a shoehead [The Air Revolution when I was in 4th grade.] Or Reeg Speak: What’s That Cha Say [bonus points if you remember that Another Level group]. Hmmm…maybe I could even drop the Speak part, since I’m techinically typing instead of talking! I gotta put on my creative hat to come up with a title.

Or if anyone else has any suggestions I’ll pay you a percentage of this site’s revenue!