Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes I Gotta Check my Pants

First it was wanting to get a haircut every 2 weeks rather than 3 weeks, then it was wanting to get a new scent, and now **sexuality alert** I think I want to get a facial haha. For the record, I’ve never got one before. And its not like my cousin Nate who gets a mani-pedi [claims to be on the Jay-Z/Puff Daddy level] every so often or a couple other nameless dudes to get their eyebrows done, but everyday when I get ready in the morning I have some inconsistencies on my face, and I’m like damn homie. Plus facials are more masculine than mani-pedis and waxing right? You can’t really see it straight forward, but once you get that angle going its like omg, I have like a colony on my forehead!

I mean what if one day I’m on a 50” High Definition TV set, which is like a super magnifying glass, and you could see all my crevices and blackheads and stuff. But I do take care of my face, I use Neutrogena for Men face wash, and that ish cost like $10! So I exfoliate [haha, just wanted to use that word]. I use SPF15 moisturizer in the morning, even if the sun doesn’t come out. I use a natural after-shave balm too. And I think I’m past my pimple stage so acne isn’t really a problem.

Plus one of my brothers got a facial the day before their wedding, but he tried to keep it on the under. I’m secure in my ish, so I’m announcing that I do want one. So if anyone knows a fly chick who gives facials then I’ll reciprocate and give her one too! Haha jp, I’m not that dirty. How much are they anyway?