Monday, August 18, 2008

Straight Flush Possibility Summer 2008

Man I’d much rather poke her than play poker. I’m like the David Duval of the San Bruno Poker Tour – I had my one major victory, got fat and uncompetitive and I just get pity invitations. I’m short-stacked, go all in on an open-ended straight draw, hit my nut straight on the turn while Troy gets his 2nd pair, and of course another Q comes out on the river to give him a full house. But I wasn’t even really upset, since I wasn’t feeling it.

Gambling used to fun. Shoot the last time I was in Vegas was one of my fav trips there, and I didn’t gamble even one buck. Honestly now I think I just go for the camaraderie, which isn’t really the case because I don’t even know half the people there even though I’ma OG. Them cats know me though, since I’m that intimidating dude who probably talks the most on his table. I mean I still got competitive juices, maybe I just been on a cold streak lately, like for the past 3 years. Went from contender to pretender gradually although it seemed overnight. I’ll still challenge anyone heads up though haha.

So that was Saturday night. And the Taco Bell afterward compounded the negative feelings. I hate poker but will probably still sign up for the next one!