Monday, August 18, 2008

I Got Wiki'ed

So I wrote this piece a couple months ago, and Ant informs me I made it to the Wikipedia entry of Wingman! Granted its only a footnote, but yall know I got a foot fetish anyway.

How to Be a Good Wingman, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

If you read it be sure to vote for it, but only if you give it a 5 haha. Oh yeah for the record, I wanted to title my piece "How to Be a Fly Wingman" but was overruled by the editor. Guess it wasn't search friendly enough.

I know "thou shall not cockblock" is a pretty universal rule, but people need a refresher once in awhile. It sucks to be cockblocked you know. What's even worse is to get CB'ed by someone who's gay! No for real, it has happened to Reegsta before. It was like a curve/spitter/fastball, I didn't even know what to do. Hmmm I think I should discuss that plan of action in a supplementary piece.