Monday, August 18, 2008

Hawaiian Fruit X Retail Establishment

Pineapple Express

So last night me, G, J, T, and A went to watch this movie in Daly City at 845p, but we forgot to bring our umbrellas can you believe that? It was like sprinkling and I'm wearing shorts since we came from a picnic, and other folks are wearing their North Faces. The flick costs $10.25 too, and that kinda pissed me off because I only had twomps. Good thing G gave me a quarter, since now I'm tryna stack greenback instead of change lol.

It was only appropriate that me, and J and A watched that movie considering the events of a couple days ago haha. Too bad Rol was sick, but he already peeped it. And he already wrote about the aforementioned experience, so he was there in spirit though. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I was on one, but basically the whole premise of the movie was that everything is more enjoyable when lit haha. I was kinda trippin since it was a late showing on a Sunday night, but then I was reminded it might be summer still for some folks. Ahh to have a summer again.

Anyway back to the flick. I didn't really have expectations for it, and honestly I thought the previews looked kinda dumb. But hearing smokers and non-smokers alike give it glaring reviews, and J's desire to watch it, I figured my laundry could wait. It was more action-packed then I thought, so it gets points on the thug scale. It had laughs, action, storyline and character development, but missing the 5th Element [*insert Chris Tucker/Bruce Willis line*] of chicks. If its already rated R might as well show a nipple or something yeah?

4 Blunts out of 5