Thursday, August 21, 2008

District Footwear

I remember having dinner with J in Alameda sometime in 2005 and we rolled by this store that just opened up. She's like "I just met the owner the other day...he seemed pretty cool" and that's it. The store didn't have a Nike account yet and I think was really hoping for an LRG account or something at the time. Anyway Apple did a photoshoot there recently and that dude she met aka her current fiance has a pic on the site! I mean its not as cool as being footnoted on Wikipedia but its something lol. He's the bald dude on the right.

I like that 10 Deep shirt the cat on the left is wearing, and if only those Air Max 90x360s were Infrareds, the shot would've been fresher!

District Footwear
2332 Alameda Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

So go there and buy something, although I still haven't made a purchase there haha.