Monday, August 11, 2008

This is What We Do, Everyday all Day

This wknd was pretty chill but fun. Thanks Michelle and Anup for letting me crash on Friday, and thanks Alan for giving up your bed for me on Saturday haha. Funny I used to sleep in the city on weekdays and in [Re]E[g]-Ville on wknds, but now its flipped up. A big negative though was eating around 2am both nights, of course that’s not even healthy fare. All good though since I ran the following morning and played a whole football game on Sunday.

- Chug Pub is a great name for a bar
- I should hang out with Michelle more frequently than when I need a pep talk haha
- Unrestricted Free Agents have the most options I have to keep in mind
- Lyon Street steps are no joke, but through the Marina and back is really no joke. Great run though, it was one of the best ones RC has had methinks
- The opening ceremonies was one of the coolest visual spectacles I’ve ever seen, and I only saw like 20 minutes of it! That LED tapestry and those Marble Up blocks were mad fresh. As Dennis and Tiff like to remind me, there’s some Chinese in all of us!
- Thanks Ryan for the San Tung on Saturday
- I don’t know why I go on shoe runs anymore, I never find anything. All good I guess I’m about function over fashion nowadays
- I realized why my phone was being hella juiced fsat. I had on the Blueteeth setting this whole time. But it still sucks
- Truth be told, I don’t really like going to North Beach. But this time I found parking mad quick, wore sneakers and didn’t pay a cover, so it was all good for me this time around
- Off to Milk, and it was crackin’ for real. U gotta love it when you hear Troop, New Edition and other music you first heard on vinyl [our Fam skipped the tape era and straight went from records to CDs]
- Chick at JITB only charged me $4 something for a Sourdough Jack combo right. I was like “but it says $5.79 on the menu,” and I even upgraded to curly fries! Then she persisted it was only $4.xx, so then I was like whatever. But I really did try to pay the normal price.
- Ocean Beach at 3 in the morning is mad cold, even with my super hoody on
- FYI don’t go to a bonfire with jeans on that you plan to wear the next day. If you do though, a sheet of bounce and 15 minutes in the dryer eliminates the smell
- Church at Saint Gabriels = 45 minutes = FTW!
- Mad beautiful weather in the Marina, not so much in the Sunset though haha
- We lost to a team that was 0-5. And I got a crazy flag burn [not to be confused with a burning flag] on my arm. Its pretty funny that about half our team didn’t even play with cleats
- Thanks for the good lucks people, but it wasn’t even necessary haha
- So I met up with a friend to watch Point Break Live at Fat City, and this theatrical adaption was pretty funny, even if you haven’t seen the movie haha. Just beware of where you sit! So thanks for the invite =)
- Once I got home I was knocked the eff out, word to Smokey
- I think my internal clock is on point, since I woke up when I had to without setting the alarm