Monday, August 04, 2008

Double Dutch

Oh yeah other blurbs about the weekend, which actually started on Thursday in my case haha. So Tiffany and Louise, 2 of the 3 flyest Chinese chicks I know [although per one individual, they are not really Chinese, nor really chicks haha] and Jeff attempted to go to this mixer event thingy in North Beach. [Wait...who’s the third? Or second? Or first flyest? hmmmmm] It was 21 and over, so we figured it would be cool. But for real, some events should have an age cap also. Since I didn’t even go in, but they affirmed that the median age was like 48, like it was some AARP convention or something. Since we had the whole night ahead of us, what else is there to do than eat a Japanese buffet? Although I had a goal of shattering Kram’s record, I fell short like Todd Shaw. And I’m still waiting for my grilled saba dammit. But anyway, the dinner had great conversation and hearty laughter, which are two of my fav things. Plus it was awesome to get all three of their perspectives on various subject matters. Good food too, but next time I need more than 15 minutes to mentally prepare myself for a buffet you feel?

Afterwards we just bar hopped. Actually if you just go to one place, is it still called bar-hopping? **quizzical look**. So after a round of mojitos at this one spot called Mojito [surprise!], we just called it a night haha. Man I feel old.