Monday, August 04, 2008

Hooky Player

Everyone should play hooky [sp?] every now and then, especially if your sick days don’t roll over. My manager actually said “good for you for taking a day off” when I called in sick on Friday haha. That was pretty cool, even though she's leaving this week, so maybe she didn't really care. My old manager sends me a Facebook message saying “sick on Friday again?” haha. I guess he caught wind – last time I update my status about that. But yeah, we all need to hit the reset button on our internal Nintendo’s every so often. Plus golf is waaaay cheaper on a weekday than a weekend! But during Sunday Morning [word to Maroon V] it’s not such a deal for real. My scorecard for the weekend read 87-86-MC. Oh well at least I got to break in my new sticks.