Thursday, July 31, 2008

Carpool Confessions

It really isn't like Taxicab Confessions on USA or anything, but still somewhat intersting. Man I thought I had a bucket, but for real you should see some of these whips that bring me from one side of the bay to the other. Generally speaking, its pretty straight-forward. I’d hop into a car, earbuds still on, give a nod, take a seat and proceed like ?uestlove, Black Thought and sometimes Malik B. Then I get dropped off around Fremont Street and walk it out to work, which is probably a brisk 7 minute walk.

Last week though there was this one dude who had a 2 door truck. If you’re waiting first, you usually get shotgun. But this dude’s passenger seat couldn’t slide forward, and since there was a chick waiting after me, I volunteered to climb in back of this truck that was probably older than me. Damn if it wasn’t for my supreme agility, I could’ve pulled a muscle or something getting back there. Homie had to superman [crank that!] his car to get it started too. Did I say it didn’t have any operable seat belts in the back too? For real it even appeared that dude even lived in his truck for awhile.

Then there’s the one chick who I’ve rode with that’s a nonstop chatterbox. You think the earbuds would give the hint, but she just talks louder! So she’s in marketing and parks for free downtown and it currently planning her wedding and blah blah blahzay – danger!

Then there was this dude who’s car smelled straight up like a Peet's. He had a mug of coffee, which is normal you think, but he literally had a MUG OF COFFEE, like one you’d have at your desk. Not then stainless steel ones that conveniently fit into the cup holders that have a cover. Nope this dude was balancing this on his e-brake and such. You could see stains of coffee all over that area, so you’d think he’d learn to upgrade yeah? [cicely I think I told you this before haha]

Once I almost rode in an Escalade EXT, which is something I’ve always wanted to roll in. So usually if there’s people waiting, drivers can take 3 other people. I was the 3rd person in line, but homie didn’t want to take another passenger! “Sorry man, I can only take 2” – I’m like damn homie, you can take like 6 other folks! Then the next car that pulled up was a VW Bug driven by a fat chick =(.

Then there was this one older dude, who straight wanted to give us curb side service, like drop us off in front of our work. The first dude got off just at the same intersection, but I was like cool I’m down. He looked kinda creepy, so I was a lil more alert than usual and my fists were clenched just in case. So I kept my eye on dude since I was in the back, but he did bring me to my building haha.

Then there’s this one car who has like 2 baby seats in the back of her Corolla, and I gotta hella skinnify myself. It feels like bondage since I’m so restrained, not like I know how that feels though.

Sometimes too there are some couples, and you straight up feel like third wheel because they’re all holding hands and crap. 2 hands on the wheel yo!

And there are cars that don’t listen to anything at all…like straight up silence like we’re in a mobile library.

Then there are the passengers, like the dude who’s on his phone constantly - I just put my volume louder for real. Then some dude falls asleep for like a 15 minute ride and starts snoring. Then another person who has like 5 bags with him. Then there’s that cute chick who doesn’t make eye contact with anyone, dang snob haha. So that’s all that come to mind right now.