Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It Feels Good

Word to Tony Toni Tone, but here are 25 simple joys in life from my vantage point that come to mind:

- Taking off a sweaty shirt, since you just did something physical
- Putting on clothes straight out of the dryer
- Hearing a song you haven’t heard in days and being able to recite most of the words
- Paying off a credit card bill
- Busting a nut, preferably with a chick around
- Having a crush on someone *wink*
- Making a girl laugh, preferably the one you have a crush on
- Walking around downtown on a sunny day, since you might get an eye cavity from all the eye candy
- Hanging out with friends that you just know will be your lifetime homies [637!]
- Seeing my lil nephews all innocent and my brothers morphing into parents
- Un-DSing a brand new pair of kicks
- Eating Mitchell’s Ice Cream, moreso the mango flavor
- Being recognized for your work from your seniors
- Thinking about senior year at Santa Barbara
- Coming home to a clean place after taking off for the weekend
- Going to Mom & Dads knowing that there’s always food there
- Pouring your soul into something and having the support for it
- Seeing that I have comments for the blogs I write
- Touching someone emotionally
- Touching someone physically too, but in a caressing way
- Sinking a long putt
- Feeling the sun, since your outside not getting shackled by your desk
- Dropping a clean deuce
- Finding money in your pocket of something you haven’t worn in months
- Getting a haircut

Really I could come up with a list of 25 more, but I’ll leave it as a perfect square. My confession list also numbered 25. I mean I was born on 2/25 for a reason. For those who like fun with numbers, the square root of 25 is 5 and I’m the 5th born and the 5th son and I got 5 on it.