Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Is there anyway I could check if my pheromone game is on point? I wonder if there are certain scents or foods that could complement my natural aroma, which can then heighten my pheromone level. Is the opposite of pheromones just BO? I wonder if that word derived from “Pharoah”, since that would only make sense because Kings would get all the play they want. Taking it further, a pharoah moan could = pheromone. Haha yeah that was dumb, I should hit backspace but I’m not.

On the real though I’m thinking of upgrading my deodorant steez. You know, something that you can’t get at Target. Back in the day I had a Polo Sport gift set [but then again, who didn’t?] and I used that stick. But then I didn’t want to spend $15 to replace it. So if any of you ladies or metros can suggest a scent, I’m all ears! Not like I’m funky of anything, but we all can step our game up a little at a time.