Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running Isn't Cheap

For real, for a sport that doesn't require any other equipment, running is pretty pricey! Just these past couple of months, I spent a benji on signing up for the Disney Half Marathon, and that doesn't even come with park admission dammit.

I bought some new kicks that have a shelf life of 500 miles, and luckily I got them through FlairFox so I got them for 20% off another benji. [Hope you like the plug Ant haha.]

My 5th gen iPod is way to bulky to run in, so I'm about to get an iPod Nano, and that will run me around $200. I need an armband since I'm not gonna hold the thing, and that's like $30 bones too. I might skip out on the NikePlus+ set, so at least I can save half a benji on that.

Then I need to get my threads for the actual run, and that's gon cost another $75 or so. I just need to find some shorts that don't reveal too much man thigh and maybe some compression shorts. And I want a sleeveless top that makes me look buffer than I already am. Or if all else fails I'll just rock a wifebeater and basketball shorts.

Then I need to accessorize. I sweat profusely after 0.1 miles, so I'm either gonna rock a headband or wristband, and either a manny pack [a Man's fanny pack] or a utility belt for my water. Naw I think I'll pass on those as well.

I should just stick with golf.