Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Man I still got a snotty nose and mild cough, but that shouldn't deter me from blogging ya heard. I heard that Mrs. Snoop Dogg is filing for divorce. I don't know about yall, but I almost was waiting for this to happen. Mr. Broadus consistently brags about his stable of "hoes," and while it may have been a front, anybody who've seen his Girls Gone Wild video would believe otherwise. Disclaimer: I have never watched it, but only saw the ads for it.

Man I really need to update the layout of this page. Them shoes are old, I'm listening to new music, I wanna change the pictures, and need to add to my album. However I'm still reading the same book -- yes call me molasses, I'm slow. Shoot I forget what's going on in it too.

I always try to beat my boss to work, and never succeed. Until today that is. I've read somewhere (Men's Health?) that you should attempt to beat your boss to work @ least once a week. And he's gonna go to Costa Rica next week, so I can take my time and chill. Whew. Regardless, he's a pretty lax guy (no he doesn't play lacrosse nor flies into los angeles), so its no biggie.

I discovered that Saved by the Bell is shown @ 7am on the People's Station. This honestly gives me incentive to wake up. Today's episode was when Slater's chameleon Artie passed. One of the sadder episodes of SBTB. Now I need to find a show @ 12am and 1230am.

Memorial Day is next week, and I realized that we haven't had a company holiday since New Years. Dang that's a long time. Anything crackin' this upcoming weekend? Seems like a lot of folks are flying out of town.

Reeg's gonna switch from AT&T to Cingular. Reception sucks at my crib, and it seems to be on Cingular's network there. But if I fully switch, will my reception improve? Whatever the case, 7pm nights are really appealing, so the extra $15 a month should be worth it.