Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What's good yo. I'm pretty hungry, since I forgot to eat dinner yesterday. Not sure why, but I didn't get hungry while watching the laker/minny game and the giants game. Then it was like 11 and I realized, hey - I didn't eat yet!? You may say "what about AI? Did you not watch?" Well I recorded it and watched it w/ V-may. And if Fantasia doesn't win, that would be more surprising than Conan lasting longer than Dobson, more surprising than Jazz lasting longer than Latoya, and more surprising than Willy Hung getting a recording contract! I didn't even know that they sang the same song, as Fantasia's rendition was much more vibrant and resounding, conjuring up memories of Ruben's Flying w/o Wings performance from last year. Simon even gave the ultimate compliment, calling her the best performer out of all the Idol competitions. Better than Kelly, better than Ruben, better than Ezra. But watch Diana win, which would be atrocious. Until then - Tacorda...out!