Thursday, May 27, 2004

This is officially the last time I'ma write about AI, so bear w/ me. Congrats to Fantasia, she deserved it. random thoughts:
- what the heazy was jen love hewitt doing there?
- jazz's performance was weak
- ruben actually gained weight if that's possible, and he sweats more than russell athletic (hope yall got that)
- simon had hella black shirts, but damn, button it up!
- i drink diet coke solely because of kate beckinsdale
- randy and simon should've consulted each other since both rocked pinstripes
- i can't wait til someone tries to outdo willy hung
- i remember camile looking better than that

The grab bag:
- i wish death to the following words: holla, cute, and anything -izzle. for historical reference, please listen to another bad creation's "playground," which started the -izz craze (into the mizzark chillin in the pizzark/i got a break cuz my mother said be home by dizzark)
- Conversely, I propose to bring back the following: fresh, def and moded
- i like Jack Johnson (UCSB alum correct? it figures)
- i haven't played my xbox in a long time. but i've only had it for a short time.
- go t'wolves!
- i heard that Jesus was born in 4 BC. how is this possible?! doesn't BC stand for "before Christ"? that is so confusing.
- dang we haven't had a holiday since new year's
- "playaz holiday" is a jam (gotta love the bill wither's sample)
- lastly, i'm pretty tired of this layout! note to self: change it