Thursday, May 20, 2004

If a fruit best describes yesterday's tv schedule, it would be bananas. Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 2.5 heartbreaks for reeg. Yes, I grow attached to characters on the small screen, and I'm sure some of you do to.

Shed a tear for Sac. Another year of agony for this team. That shot was halfway down. But KG won MVP for a reason. Did I ever tell you about the time I met him? It was like in '96, and he was signing autographs at a card show. Here was this teenager full or energy, interacting with his fans like they were his family. But I never expected him to become the playa he is today.

So every Bachelor/rette finale showed the loser going first. Knowing this, i got excited when Jessica first drove up. Jesse was even talking to her like he was about to break her heart. So what does he do? He picks her! While this is happening, Tara is literally yacking somewhere. Boy does she have some intuition though! "But..." she says. I guess she was real upset that Jesse did/said/did "inappropriate" things to her. She looked good at least, while her dress's slit was more like a split. While Jessica looked like something died in her hair.

Yes it was time for Jaz to go. I think a lot of the heat/criticism she's receiving is a lil unfair. But if you're up in a public domain, anything goes. She handled it like a trouper. I don't know - i really don't wanna see Diana be the American Idol. She damn annoying. And you know how people look better as the season progresses? She seemed to be the opposite. At least Snellville sounds like Smallville.

(yet another smooth segue reeg) Alas, its the season finale. While it was pure pandemonian while watching the S1 finale, then questioninig the S2 finale, this finale had all the elements - it should be called the periodic table! (funny or no?) More questions came up and even less answers were given. Where's Clark? Did Lana hop the plane? Is Chloe alive? Will Pete come back? Is Lex gonna recover? Why did Lionel shave his dome? Will Jonathan wake up? Did Martha understand the symbol? What's Reeg gonna do from now until S4? Well at least Lana was had her wavy hair look yesterday =).

Alas, I purchased S2 on DVD last night, which actually has outtakes and bloopers and such.