Tuesday, May 18, 2004

If yall are bored like me but have work to do, feel free to copy and paste (notmy answers of course):

Name Four Bad Habits You Have :
1. lagging
2. picking my pimples if I some one
3. letting my laundry compile (related to #1)
4. farting in public

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had :
1. a nicer car
2. a bigger room
3. a six pack (of beer and of abs)
4. more video games

Name Four Scents You Love :
1. new shoes
2. new car
3. some of vmay’s lotions
4. a bakery

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear :
1. throwback jerseys
2. rocawear, sean john, phat farm, etc.
3. reeboks
4. women’s clothing (unless I’m acting of course)

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now :
1. the above answers are temporary – until I think of something better
2. lunch (its .25 to noon)
3. I gotta pee
4. sex (they say its always on the mind right?)

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today :
1. prepared a deposit
2. coordinated vegas plans
3. finalized sis’s grad plans
4. doesn’t this ?tionnaire count?

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought :
1. sex in the city, seasons 1-6 (save $100 from best buy when u buy all 6!)
2. some nikes
3. vietnamese food (I’ve concluded pho is glorified top ramen)
4. plane tickets to LV

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink :
1. water
2. coffee (only on weekdays)
3. thai iced tea (w/ or w/o boba)
4. corona

First Grade Teacher's Name:
sr. anita

Last Words You Said:
"I’ll hit u up later…good luck on yo test…aight playa, peace"

Last Song You Sang:
”These outfits be ridulous!/In the club lookin so conspicious!”

Last Person You Hugged:

Last Thing You Laughed At:
callwave telling me his stripper shenanigans

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It:
last night

Last Time You Cried:
I don’t recall…probably when my lola passed

What's In Your CD Player:
pete rock – soul survivor vol 2; people under the stairs – OST; an alt-pop mix (thanks taft!)

What Color Socks Are You Wearing:
tannish, to match my pants (it’s a perfect match really)

What's Under Your Bed:
a rug, since I sleep only on a boxspring and mattress (better than my ’99-00 answer, which would have been my roommate)

What Time Did You Wake Up Today:
7:15am, caught the last half of saved by the bell, the early episodes

Current Taste:
retro…I wanna pair of camo cargo shorts, and I’m probably gonna get a pair I saw at AE…I guess I’m frontin for a grunge/sk8er boi look? Did I answer the question?

Current Hair:
in transition, but I do need a haircut…i kinda phased out the "part" =) Any suggestions? Besides being bald, since I think they’re more bald filipino dudes than black dudes

Current Clothes:
a DKNY button up, some banana chinos, I ran out of beaters so a white jordan tee underneath, some gap boxers, some wallabees (yes I’m a label whore)

Current Annoyance:
a coworker who says, “you get that new san quinn? Its hella tight! I wanted to burn it from you.” If its so tight, can’t you buy it yourself?

Current Longing:
a new place to dwell

Current Desktop Picture:
a pic of a shoe store that puts their shoes in a fridge…no joke

Current Worry:
what the heazy am I gonna get v-may for her birthday?

Current Hate:
such a strong word, not sure if it applies to anything...well there's always osama, saddam or ja rule, and chloe sometimes

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex:
rack, back, skin and complexion, eyes, hair (not necessarily in that order)

Last CD You Bought:
pete rock – soul survivor II

Favorite Place To Be:
best buy or a golf course

Least Favorite Place:
the gym (but I still go!)

If You Could Play An Instrument:
do turntables count? If not a guitar

Favorite Color:
some shade of red, not light red though, since that would be pink

Do You Believe In An Afterlife:
fa sho

How Tall Are You :
5’7” w/ brown eyes, caramel complexion

Current Favorite Word/Saying:
in a minute…breezy…hot…gully…fresh…moded…one love

Favorite Season:
summer I suppose

One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To:
weird…I had a dream last night meeting up wit a couple old grade school friends…probably them

Favorite Day:
"its friday...u ain't got no job...u ain't got ish to do!"

Where Would You Like To Go:
the outback (not the restuarant, but australia), the east coast, egypt, brazil, japan

What Is Your Career Going To Be Like:
prosperous and fulfilling

How Many Kids Do You Want:
as many as she can spit out

Favorite Car:
a 2000 nissan sentra, with a pseudo dent on the front bumper. In granite grey.

A Random Lyric :
”The flyer attire females desire/baby u could step to this if u admire/the extraordinary dapper rapper/keep tabs on your main squeeze/before I tap her” - 93 til infinity

Identify Some Of The Things Surrounding Your Computer:
a bottle of sparkling h20 (thought it was normal water – yucky)…a cell phone, keys, wallet, 2 phones, an adding machine, speakers, snot tissues (I’m kinda sick), a business card, stampers, and a highlighter