Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I probably vent as much as a heater in the Mojave Desert during a July afternoon (not much). But sometimes things make me go ______. I'm not sure what word best describes it, so I'll leave it blank. Without further (freddy) ado, I present the unofficial vent post:

1. so i get a notice i'm running outdated AIM, and I proceed to download it. why don't they add more lemonheads? i mean, i really don't need to know everyone's status (idle, not idle, away, bathroom, etc), but it'd be fun to express yourself a bit more.
2. i haven't changed my email in about 4 years, yet why do people who've emailed me in the past still ask for my email. it isn't that difficult to remember.
3. why can't peja hit a damn free throw?! dude make 30 footers on the run with a hand in his face, but he can't make a FT.
4. why does my launch radio station play the dang 10 songs over and over and over again?
4a. why do i still listen to it?
5. how come people who just start collecting kicks be considered a sneakerhead? yes i'm selfish, but i hate how people can't distinguish an air force one from a dunk and consider themselves a head. or worse, if they have 20 pairs and 25 of them are dunks. call me a snob, but dunks (and air force ones) came out in the mid-80s, not 2003.
6. why are there like a plethora of spyware sweepers and ad blockers, yet none of them work efficiently? please join forces and create the ultimate program.
7. why do people at work go to me, instead of other people? this is vague, but coworkers should go through the proper channels, even though I tell them mad times. basically i don't like doing other people's work.
8. why does a dang magazine subscription take 6-8 weeks to start? is it that hard to put an extra mailing label on the current issue?
9. why are petro prices so freakin high? its got to the point when i get excited if it's only $2.099/gallon, since that's considered "cheap." next time i'ma fill my tank halfway, and fill the other half with h20 and dilute the thing. hey, it works with milk!
10. why do credit card companies have due dates on the weekend? they very well know that even if we do make a payment during a saturday, it won't post until monday. thank goodness for the power of reversal.

Thank you for hearing me out. A more jolly post will follow. =)