Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Happy Cinco de Mayo yall. Let's toast to Corona's, eat churro's and watch a Salma Hayek flick.

I love my fam and all, but this week is intense:

1. may 5th - my bro jon's birthday. he's turning tray-deuce (32) today.
2. may 6th - my bro arvin's birthday. he's turing deuce-double-fo (28) tomorrow.
3. may 7th - a set of cousins arrive from the PI with 10 balikbayan boxes. they're moving to houston and stopping by cali for a couple weeks. that'll be fun! they primarily took care of us while we went to the PI a few months back, so right back at cha.
4. may 9th - my sis kristin's birthday. she's turning deuce-tray (23) on sunday.
5. may 9th - mother's day. and we're planning the mother of all dinners at some chinese restuarant.

I didn't get anyone a present except for kristin, even though she probably doesn't deserve it.

Site update: i was tired of the toe. and if you have a better caption a la the monthly maxim contest, do tell.