Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happy Hump Day. I wasn't mad or anything yesterday, just had to express a few things. It's not good to let it all build inside you, hence the vent post. I even forgot a few things, but i figured a top dime list will do.

- Popup windows are funny. Sometimes its cool if a hot girl pops up. Then you go whoa. But that lasts for only so long. But what bugs is those popup download windows. Like when it says "always trust content from IWILLJACKUPYOURCOMP Corp." How come it never says "NEVER trust content"?

- Tagalog word of the day: mahal. To love. So my whole Filipino life I've just known this word as love, as in mahal kita! But this weekend I also learned that it also means expensive. Now this totally makes sense. Love is expensive. Expensive is love. I'm glad I recall my reflective property.

- Poor Miss Trias. The judges made her cry. I'm not saying she was the worst one yesteday, so I'll just say she was fourth best.

- Why did I talk about the Bachelor on the phone to my HOMEBOY on a Saturday night? To protect their identity, he shall be remain nameless unless I want to call him out later. Today's episode should be really intrishting. HA!

- underrated: Kate Beckingsdale. And I wasn't even digging her in Serendipity, nor have I seen Van Helsing. She has talent!

- on the radar: Lindsay Lohan. Just ask the RZA. Yesterday I was watching Conan and he was saying "starring in Mean Girls and SNL" and I was like its gonna be her. But it was some other actress. Lohan > Mary Kate, Lohan > Ashley. However, MK + A > Lohan. (I shall not use LL for her, since those initials are revered).

- Anyone remember when the Black Eyed Peas were pseudo-underground? Just add abs of steel to the group and poof! they're mainstream artists. Appearances on Leno (w/ the Friends cast), Letterman (w/ the AI judges), opening up for Xtina and JT, singing the theme of the NBA playoffs...the list goes on for this melting pop group. They get no support though from UG heads. Where is the love?

- Speaking of which, Fergie made People's 50 Most Beautiful list. Let's just say she looks better with hats on.

- I 4got to rap about SV last week. Now I 4got what it was about, but I'm sure it was good.

- This is scary/interesting. Shouldn't this be illegal? Man, anyone with internet access can you look up. Its a trip if you want to pretend to play stalker.