Friday, May 14, 2004

This is gonna be a late Thursday blog, but considering its Friday, I guess that nullifies it. So much on my palate…and I missed talking about the fantasy-reality world of telemundo, so let’s commence with that.

American Idol – I can honestly say that I’m not surprised by the outcome. While everyone including JT knows Latoya was the best singer there, that doesn’t necessarily equate into winning the show. This contest is moreso a popularity contest as it is a talent competition. Some people are calling it a travesty, a mockery, a travshamockery (yall saw that coming huh?), etc, but in the grand scheme of things Latoya is probably the only one to land a successful music career. Despite getting the Timberland (re: boot), she has AI to thank as her springboard. In other related news, Clay is firing 19 Entertainment and he wore some Dunks during his performance, which means reeg should stop buying them.

Bachelor – Watching that episode made me like Trish a bit. She has gusto to go for hers, and at least she said she didn’t try. I guarantee you though if the cameras weren’t on, Jesse would’ve accepted her proposal, since he knew he wouldn’t choose MJ anyways. Check the archives, I picked Tara from the get go, and I’m rooting for her.

NBA – Probably the greatest reality, unscripted stuff on TV. No editing, no fixing, just some live action. Still can’t get over that Kobe shot, then the Duncan shot, then the Fisher shot. I hope he wears his darn headband the next game.

Smallville – No I didn’t forget about you. Nearing the end of Season III (already?!?), we get potential scares. LL plans on moving to Paris (let’s hope she does Rachel and comes back). Pete plans on moving to Wichita (the burden of Clark’s secret is too great). Lionel is arrested. Lex remembers. Chloe unfortunately is still Chloe. I’m not as amped for the finale as I was at the end of Season I or II, but it does look intriguing. Oh yeah MSB, I guess last week’s episode was only okay, since I don’t even remember the premise of it!


I haven’t been out on a Thursday night since Alex’s Cantina. Well not exactly that far back, but like staind, it seems to have been awhile. So I get an invite from Lady Ecstasy, whom I haven’t seen since my birthday. My 24th birthday. Of course I jump at the situation and proceed towards the Haight and go to Milk.

After driving around for about 30 minutes looking for parking, we decide to eat up the $10 spot and pay for a spot close by. I have such bad parking car-ma. Waiting in line with the hip hop heads wanting to watch DJ Numark of J5 made me antsy. And made me feel overdressed in a button-up and Wallabees.

So after a Ketel-uno and tonic and a LBIT and catching up with Miss Ecstasy, Numark comes on and drops a set. Okay its alright, but so not worth the $15 cover. Suddenly, Charlie 2na comes on and J5 turns into J2! The crowd gets hyped. Okay now it was kinda worth it. I’m content and am getting ready to bounce, since its nearing 1am and it’s a school nite.

But guess who blesses the stage next? Its none other than J-LIVE! I almost climaxed, since he’s been my fav rapper over the last few years. See, even peep the “IN MY WHIP” section on the left. Maybe 90% of the people there probably never heard of him, but I’ve been checking for him ever since he dropped the anthem Braggin’ Writes in 95. This song is in my Top Dime of all time (but too bad I have about 50 songs on my top 10 list). Put it this way – that song was the first mp3 I’ve ever downloaded. I had no idea he was in town, let alone going to perform. And I’ve read about his shows, but yet have never witnessed it myself. Until yesterday that is.

Today we’re going to the Giants game, and if there’s enough gas in the tank, karaoke afterwards! But V-may doesn’t like me singing in public for some strange reason. =/