Friday, January 28, 2005

Better late than never I suppose, so here's a brief SmallVizzle recap:

* they said LL would have a more developed, mature character, but it seems like she's regressed. or maybe she's just insecure? still hot though when she was wearing nothing but my button up shirt. i mean jason's. durrrr
* chloe's not a V and she did the deed with jimmy (could it be the same jimmy olsen from the daily planet??)
* good to see a chloe/LL scene talking about their relationships.
* alicia was flyer than i remember her. or maybe that's because earlier this week she played a lesbian on boston legal. or maybe because her clothes were usually off. or maybe both.
* lex is opening up to daddy, which is a good thing.
* how come lex has that big arse house, but we only see him in his office/loft?
* to be honest, clark and alicia looked like a good couple.
* even though they didn't work out, at least clark knows he has someone who can ride for him.
* tom welling's acting ability has dramatically improved.
* jesse mccartney's "beautiful soul" is my new jam (sorry jefe).

Then I was channel surfing and like totally forgot "Newlyweds" made its debut. I'm not sure who considers themselves newlyweds after 2 years of marital bliss, but what else would you call it?? Anyway, they hopped up to Napa for the weekend and squished grapes, tasted wine and sparkling wine, and ate cheese. I was thinking they'd probably have dinner at French Laundry or something, but nothing was shown. They did eat another piece of wedding cake though. I swear I thought that they just celebrated their 1 year, but it may have just been a rerun. Jessica moment: confusing Caberet with Cabernet.