Monday, February 21, 2005

As I was typing out my evite, I realized that it was almost blog-like, making it a blogvite. Since I'm a lazy arse, I'ma just cut and paste here. Talk about killing 2 birds with one bullet! And don't take offense if you're not on the invite, it was meant for only locals and the email list was far from comprehensive (or I like to believe). But if you can make it this friday, holler at a playa!


Hello dear friends and family. I apologize for the short notice, but I'd appreciate it yall if you can join me in celebrating my birthday this upcoming friday!

The spot is at 26 Mix. And no, I didn't choose this place because I'm turning 26, but it is a cool coincidence yeah? (Man I'm funny.) Have I been there before? Nope. I've heard some cool thangs about it though (let's just ignore the negative comments for now). There's even a WIFI network in the game room just in case you need to check your email!

The cover charge is $50, but for yall, I'll hustle off $45 so it'll only be $5. And if you have a vagina, you'll get in free before 11pm! (according to the website at least) I'll inquire about a G-list and keep you posted about that. If you want to invite more people, go 'head and inform me.

The dress code is casual, so you can rock your throwbacks and fitteds if you plan on going. Or I'm sure you can dress up if you prefer. Wouldn't it be funny if they didn't allow in a club because you're OVERdressed? "I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow those Ferragamo's you're wearing." Man that would suck.

Anyhow, I'm working on this federal holiday, which also sucks. But its not too bad, as I'm composing this evite here. Since it is President's day, I want "dead presidents to represent me." The world is yours yall. My birthday again is on a friday during lent. No meat for Reeg. Man I remember last year too my birthday was on Ash Wednesday, and I couldn't have meat either. No worries, there's always the post-midnight meat consumption.

Its weird composing evites for myself, since I really don't want to post any incrimmating pics as I would others. Not sure if I wanted someone to compose this for me though haha. Nevertheless, I'll have my 2lb camera there to capture those potential moments.

What's there to look forward to when you turn 26? If you guys know, please fill me in. Its kind of a weird number. I can't even think of an NBA player rocking that #. 25 is a perfect square root (5*5) and 27 is a perfect cube root (3*3*3), but 26 is almost a prime number, save for (2*13). It just seems like its the tilt toward the dirty thirty (yall remember that CRU album?)

Regardless, having a non-significant birthdate shouldn't damper the 365 days I will be 26. I guess we just have to live it up? Anyway, please try to come out and have a drink (or 2 or 3) with me, preferably an alocholic beverage. I threw up on from my b-days ever since I was 18 except for last year (pics available upon request). In retrospect, I think I even drove home last year after my birthday! I so don't wanna do that again. Make the magic happen yall.