Thursday, February 17, 2005

So I did indeedy miss that SV episode 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness its on my season pass and luckily I peeped it over the weekend. There's a reason why Chloe was dropping those carefully worded conversations - she knows! Its Alicia's fault, since she sold Clark out. And she what happens to her?

Anyway, back to last nights episode. I thought people knew better than to call/text/IM me on Wednesdays between 8 and 9, but oh well. I didn't ignore yall on purpose! Let's see, the premise is about some kryptonite/steroid induced dogs, which got me thinking:

- What if Clark took steroids to counter kryptonite? Would he keep his powers? He already gave up sports so that wouldn't be an issue.
- Lois moved into the Kent Farm. Wouldn't that be weird to be: 1. living with a hot girl, 2. living with a hot girl who wasn't your GF, and 3. living with a hot girl who wasn't your GF with your parents?
- Chloe is very choosy with her words...and I doubt she'll ever tell anyone. Ever.
- Funny how there hasn't been one single reference to Pete this entire season. Like he just vanished. I mean, Clark's been everywhere from Vegas to Miami this season, you think he could visit Pete, who remains some where in KS.
- I still have no clue where this Countess Isabel/Lana/Jason's Moms thingy is heading. Mysterious? Yes. Interesting? No.
- Lana has her first words of the show 50 minutes into it. Booooo!
- At the end we see the inspiration for CK's future red cape. Now I'm wondering where the tights fit in.

I don't know about this season yall. I think I've lost my connection with CK. I'm still rooting for homeboy don't get me wrong. Even though it wouldn't be in line with the mythology, I'm still rooting for a Clark/Lana union. Next week should prove interesting, as LL is on some Crouching Tiger ish.


Good thing AI was on at 9pm, making my TV schedule a lil more convenient. Down to 2 dozen contestants, and I wanna say that my favorite cats advanced. I don't have names, so I'ma describe them:

1. The bald-round guy. Dude whose daddy didn't believe in him. I like to call him the White Ruben. He was the 2nd to last guy to move on.

2. The mail-lady (I love saying that term haha). She's 20 from FL, and homegirl can blow. And how many African-American 20 year old postal delivery workers do you know?

3. The country chick from OK. She almost looks like a doll. She has that country twang thang going for her. It seems like she's so pure and sheltered to the outside world, but I but yall she's a freak.

4. The Federov cat who almost lost his voice altogether when he was younger. The judges compared him to Claiken when he first performed.

Too bad there's no Jasmine/Camille type girls in this. But I guess the eye-candy is decent. And 3 episodes next week? Damn Fox is milking this series for all its worth. And it'll be around for awhile.


Newlyweds: I forgot to put Jessica on my top 25 list...she definitely belongs. Nick took his lil brother to FAO Schwarz. It reminded me of the time I went there once in LA. Lil Ferrari's and Hummer's cost more than real Ferrari's and Hummer's. Remember that floor piano in Big? That ish cost $150K. Hmmm, don't remember much else from this episode, since Xmas seemed so long ago.