Friday, February 11, 2005

I didn't forget to write a reegcap about SV, I was just pressed for time (since I'm so popular and all). So here's a brief summary:

- It must be the greatest thing to go on a recruiting trip (if you're a high caliber playa that is). If you missed this epi, just watch "He Got Game," starring Jesus. The similiarities were eerily similar.
- If I ever have a son (Lord Willin'), I'd want him to be just like Clark (even without the superpowers for all you smart-arses).
- I didn't like Lois when the season started, but now I like it when she's in the episode. Homegirl can drank!
- Not sure where the Countess/Isabell(a?)/Lana storyline is headed, but they haven't mentioned the tattoo in awhile. Jason is looking shadier every episode, but he's still playing the innocent boi.
- I've came to terms with the writers not incorporating any more Lana/Clark scenes. Doesn't mean I don't like it. When they end a show with Clark at his loft, its either Alicia, or Lois, or Chloe. I just want it to be Lana again. *sniffs*
- Man how sappy am I???
- Chloe is an intelligent woman. She also isn't as annoying this season as in prior ones. She's good friends with CK, she knows all about the weirdness of SV, so its not hard to put together. She definitely knows that CK = Superman. "It's just a hunch." *winks*
- I was liking that song they played at the end, until the credits showed that it was a Simple Plan song. Oh well, off the WinMX i go.

EDIT: OMG I THINK I MAY HAVE MISSED LAST WEEKS EPISODE! No way! I was watching it for like 5 minutes but I thought it was a rerun? haha I'm dum. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that its on my TiVo.


So on Wednesday I went to Ash Wednesday mass. Maybe they call it a "mass" because there was a mass of people there. Like total fire hazard at St. Augustines. I don't know if I'm gonna be damned for this, but is it bad to check out chicks while at mass? What's funny is that I believe my dads met my moms at church! Maybe its in the bloodlines.

While there, I also was thinking of making a church muzik mix. I could put "On Eagle's Wings", "Away in a Manger" and Kanye's "Jesus Walks" on there. That would be a hot cd.


Last night myself, Taft and Jefe made the trek to Davis to watch the epic UCD/UCSB basketball game. This has been circled on our calendars since the season started. I always love visiting college towns, even if it is Davis. After the game we went to Downtown Davis, and its like a block long. For all you Santa Barbarians, be glad that you went there. UCSB > UCD.

(Maybe I'm just bitter because we lost to a school that was only D2 four months ago.) Anyhow, oh how I missed Woodstocks Pizza. Some may recall our Slum Village place, where Woodstocks was just a hop, skip and jump away.

I drove back solo since them cats were gonna sleep over there. Gotta love Cruise Control on an empty don't have to crease your shoes!


coworker: *hands me a copy of "Napoleon Dynamite* Make sure you smoke before you watch it.
me: I don't smoke I thought you knew.
coworker: You sure? But you're wearing that sweater ha!
me: :-(

For the record, I'm wearing a apple green/heather gray argyle sweater from BR. I think its tight (you should see my matching kicks).