Thursday, February 24, 2005

I gotta say that yesterday's episode was the dopest one i've seen in awhile. Lana was on some Crouching Tiger-type ish. It was very cinematic. Good thing Vancouver has a poppin' China-town otherwise it would've taken away from the realizm. There was no Chloe or Lois this episode, and LL had llots of airtime. Can't argue that!

- I've always wondered how their gonna factor in Christopher Reeve's death. So waht do ya know, Dr. Swann died. But he's still communicating with Clark?!?
- CK of course still has feelings for LL, and proved it by "not letting her go to China by herself"
- There was one moment where a cyclist almost hit LL, and CK grabbed her...for a split second they caught each other's eyes.
- LL feels everyone except CK has an agenda for her. I'd ride with Clark, since he would never ever never let anything bad happen to her.
- The 3 stone mystery is pretty damn intriguing now. I really must be a nerd. Why do I think Lex will end up with all three prior to season finale?
- Looking forward to Metropolis, where Superman and Lex are on some Shaq and Kobe type stuff, do you think Clark and Lex would still be buddies?
- LL was rocking a wifey-beater. Then she was wearing one of them asian dresses. Gotta give the costume people props!
- Speaking of which, I'm thinking about bidding on this on the 'bay: I have a problem...
- Instead of googling somebody, I "ebay" their name. Strange isn't it?
- You know how CK could do everything hella fast? I want to see him do his homework mad fast or down his food like in a second.
- Thankfully LL and CK shared a loft scene together...thought i'd see the last of that!
- Jason got the stone...we'll see what happens to it.