Monday, February 28, 2005

Thanks to all the cats that came out this wknd to celebrate my 26th. It was a lot of fun (for me at least). Pics coming soon I promise. I know I lag more than the average on uploading pictures, but i gotta edit and caption them yo. Although I did not regurgitate,
I did have a great time. I was probably 1 drank away from yacking and 3 dranks away from passing out.

I knew it was gonna be a good night when the following occurred:

1. found playa parking a half a block away
2. the dj was spinning ATCQ’s “Eletric Relaxation” as we walked in
3. the Pimp Booth was reserved for me (how appropriate!)

Now that I think about it, the place would’ve been kinda dead if I didn’t have my party there hehe. No worries, at least no one got shot at or jumped (MMASY informed me that some1 got murked a block away the day before). We missed out on lesbian night also, so sorry fellas about that.

I apologize for the strip tease. I apologize for the slurring. I apologize for the rapping (but I was just prepping for the following night – HBD MSB!). Lastly I apologize for the dancing (Wade Robson better watch out though – I’m coming after u). Good thing I’ma happy drunk rather than a depressed one whoooo!

Special shouts to:

1. Jefe – right on for driving my arse to and fro to the place
2. Meeyushel – right on for the extra medium shirt…I already know what kicks to rock with it! Thx my fellow pisces
3. Tiff/Dan/Dennis/Nick – thx for coming even when yall had another event to go to
4. Fam – thx for making it out
5. V-may – thx for letting me act the fool

Just when I thought my b-day was over, I go and read cici’s blog, and she writes me a dedication! That put a nice capper to it. I’ma crtl+c and crtl+p it here (hope ya don’t mind!):

“hey regan. happy birthday dude, i'm mad at you! i'm mad at you for moving back up north. i'm also mad at you for being born on this day. there are times when a girl needs her best most metrosexual friend (ok fine, 43% metrosexual) to accompany her to a fashion show, but how is that gonna happen when you live 5 hours away and are celebrating your birthday the same night??? but okaaaaay go have fun, eat your sushi, drink your drinks (all 0.75 of it) and take lots o' action shots of you puking over a balcony! hey -- isn't that how you celebrated your 21st birthday when i barely knew you? haha well one good thing about you not living here is that i don't have to buy you a present =) but here's a little something from moi to toi.

ode to regan

regan reegsta reegmeister
how ya doin there good sir?
hope your birthday is a blast
like all your birthdays in the past

remember when i thought you were high
well what a surprise, oh me oh my
when i found out you were just weird
and that your record had never been smeared

later on we hung out more
you even carried me on shoulders your
and you grew to be the biggest dork
that i've ever met, moreso than mork

but good times had we
in good ole sb
and good times had we's
in los angeleeez

now you're up there and i'm still here
i haven't seen you in over a year
if you were here you know what though?
i'da taken you to a fashion show!

but oh yeah, it's your birthday
i forgot, sorray!
well sir congrats on turning 26
next time we meet i'll buy you a twix”

That was dope! But of course everyone knows P3 couplet 2 is false. Thanks again Cicely.

And thanks to the people that called, emailed, friendstered, texted, IM’ed, marqueed, blogged and wished me a happy birthday. Yall make a playa feel special. =P

Dang I still have more to write, but I’m save that for soon-later.