Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I Hate it When...

I remember in my blogging prime I used to comprise lists of things I hate. Nowadays if something comes to mind, I'll just send off a random tweet. Twitter won. Anyway, since I am completely useless at work, I'd figure I'd compile another list. This was inspired by a recent tweet too:

- I hate it when packages take like 2 days to arrive cross-country, but take 3 days to get sorted and delivered. I want my IIIs already!

- I hate it when you look up a word in the dictionary, then the definition has another word you don't know the meaning to. I swear them mothereffers do that on purpose. Look up "sycophant" and you know what I'm talking about.

- I hate it when you click on a top 100 or top 50 list, and you gotta keep on clicking "next" to get to the following one. I understand pageviews and ish, but damn that's annoying. Can't they just keep it on one page? Or maybe 5-10 items on a page as a happy medium? For reference: Complex's Top 50 Bay Area Rap Songs

- I hate it when ninjas announce they're gonna defriend people on Facebook. "Oh no - there's about to be a purging!" Just go ahead and do the damn thing. These are probably the same folks who get butt-hurt when they find out they got defriended too haha.

- I hate it when I see a half-empty ream of paper near the printer. Do you not realize the whole stack can fit in the tray? I think I voiced this sentiment somewhere before.

- I hate it when PDFs are from scanned copies and not converted from Word or whatever. You totes can't use the Crtl+F option. I just had to scan a 100 page agreement for a little clause for our auditors. Bastards.

- I hate it when you do your laundry and you wash your towels. Then you're halfway asleep during your morning shower and you realize you have no towels in the bathroom. Then you gotta run to your closet all dripping wet to retrieve one.

- [from MethodMik's twitter] Hate walking into a smelly ass bathroom and everyone thinks u did it cause you're the only 1 there

- I hate it when you see ish on clearance, but they only have like XXL's and XS's left. In abundance. Yall need to allocate better. [Or maybe I should've bought it when it was regular price lol].

- I hate it when fans of teams hate on a rival squad for beating them. Case in point: the Spurs beat the Lakers last week on a tip-in at the buzzer. Countless "I hate the F^$*king Spurs" posts ensue. Yall should've hated on your team for not boxing out!

- I hate it when folks be hating on Justin Beiber and the Black Eyed Peas. Obviously their music is not my cup of tea, but they stay in their lane. Justin had a photoshoot with Kim, and the BEP are more hip-hop than me and you. They inject some positivity into the culture, so I can't hate that.

I just can't hate on this, but I have to applaud him!