Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Keeping it Internet Goes Wrong

1:48:05 PM Darlene: ummmm he probably would but i'm supposed to go to vallejo for a wake and he was gonna be home alone w/ the kids
1:54:03 PM Regan: oh word
1:54:10 PM Regan: who passed
1:54:45 PM Darlene: oh my godfather
1:54:54 PM Regan: you mean - omg-father?
1:55:06 PM Regan: sorry couldnt pass it up
1:55:39 PM Darlene: omg
1:55:45 PM Darlene: lol you're frickin crazy lol
2:01:58 PM Regan: sorry
2:02:09 PM Regan: totes inappropes
2:02:47 PM Darlene: i know but it was funny
2:02:48 PM Darlene: thanks

I can make light of any situation, called me Thomas Edison.