Monday, November 29, 2004

dang i haven't blogged in a minute.

Why did momz have to raise me right? So a few months ago, our company bought about $5000 in computers. I go through the paperwork and fill out the rebate forms and such. today we finally receive the rebate for 5 benjis. And it just says payable to "Regan Tacorda." No company name no address no nothing. And no one (besides myself) knows about a pending rebate. We cut the check awhile back and coded it and we move on. But whatever, I'm not gonna pocket the $krilla even though I would never get caught. $500 isn't worth it. Plus I'ma firm believer in karma - what goes around comes around buddies.


Man I can't wait until tomorrow, and not because its my dad's and ironically my uncle's (his twin) birthday. Nas' new joint drops (2 disc). Since 1994, I've bought all Nas' cds on the day that they've dropped (except for the kinda wack Nastradamus). That Jay-Z/LP collab drops (cd/dvd). And lastly the Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore combo drops too! Sadly I have to pass on the latter since I already own HG on DVD, arguably the greatest sports film of all time. Anyway, I was perusing through the sunday supplements, and I saw them for $11.99 $ $19.99 @ BestBuy! Man that's cheap for a double disc and 2dvd set. Then I opened up Circuit City, and they were only $9.99 & $17.99. Whoa cheaper. Lastly, target had them for $9.98 & $15.99 respectively! We have a winner.

You're probably thinking that I'ma get them at target, but you're wrong. I'ma get them at circuit city. If I go to target, I'd probably but $20 more of things I don't need, nullifying that $2.02 savings. Circuit City here I come!