Friday, December 10, 2004

Man I haven't blogged in 2 minutes.

Just came back from LV last night. Aside from the fact that I lost $krilla and it was mad cold and I played the worst round of golf ever, it was fun times. So much that I'm going back next week!

SV recap from 2 weeks ago: It was predictable. And how come CK wasn't in LL's nightmare of all her loved ones being dead? Maybe b/c she doesn't fear losing him? And why did Jason and LL break up during Xmas? Isn't that the worst time to do it? But yeah, to echo MSB's piece, it was a bit graphic. Man its gonna be awhile til the next one.

Go Gauchos! It will be especially sweet for UCSB to beat DOOK. This is men's futbol in case you're wondering.

Have a good weekend yall. (Man my blogs are becoming Callwave-length-like).