Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hmmm...I almost forgot my password its been awhile. Naw, my passwords are always the same to everything - email, bofa, credit cards, paypal, work stuff - maybe i should change it now?

I anticipated a busy december, and i was right on. I kinda already want it to be 2K5 already you know? I'm sure I'm not the only exhausted cat and yall out there can empathize with me.

Let's talk about Vega$, part duex. So we leave thursday night, and when we arrive I call in sick for friday. I missed our office party, but its not like I haven't been to Dave N Busters before. No biggie smalls. Plus I have sick hours that are about to expire at year end. *Cough, cough.*

It's an accomplishment to get all our siblings together in the Bay, let alone anywhere else. But this time in LV all my siblings and siblings significant others (except my sis' BF - good!) were there, sans parentals. Now that I'm thinking about it, we were never ALL together at once. At the club, it was only us 5 brothers. At the telly's, we were missing Jon. Then Jon met up with us, but I wasn't there because I had a bball game to watch. Hmmm, better luck on christmas I guess.

So I didn't really care to go the LV again, but my squad was playing there! I was pretty amped for the Georgia Tech/Gonzaga game. Anyone who knows me just slightly or been reading these pages knows my love for the GT hoops squad. Damn i felt like a groupie travelling all the way to watch a 2 hour game. Anyway, I rocked my new black/gold jersey (along w/ my black/gold kicks) to the UNLV campus. Honestly the hottest girls the whole weekend were at the gym, not the tellys or strip club - umm not like i know 0=). Something about college co-eds I suppose. As for the game, we lost, and I was crushed and it ruined my whole trip. I even came up a few hun, but that couldn't make up for the defeat. (thank god i didn't bet on them! talk about double whammys).

I been doing a grip of shopping this month to, and not only for myself. Here is my xmas gift for me though:

I didn't buy from ISS though, since its probably the most expensive shoe site in the world (wide web).

This is for V-may:

Hope she likes it. And I doubly hope she doesn't check this page before the 25th. And yes its real.

I so wanna buy this shirt. But kinda hard to justify 30 bones on one:

And I bought other gifts too, but I swear sometimes $$$ or gift cards are the best you dig?

Probably the hardest thing to shop for is a Xmas tree. Yesterday I bought a 10ft noble fir and had it tied to my whip. And my whip is pretty small so I was kinda tripping when I brought it to my moms. Luckily the drive wasn't so bad. So I get home and of course I need help taking it down and putting it in. And of course no one was home or answering their phone. Since I've been working out and taking my vitamins and I brought that freaking tree in myself dammit. Just call me Paul Bunyan yo. Too bad my back still hurts.

Okay here's to more consistent posting! Notice when SV is on hiatus I don't blog as much?! Coincidence? Probably not.