Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Memoirs of a Sneakerhead, Vol XIV:

I've seen samples of these shoes many months ago, and when I saw them I had to have them. With the internet sneaker samples are exposed earlier and earlier, as there is no need to go to sample sales anymore. Shoot, I know what's coming out Winter '05 already! Anyway, these kicks don't have official release dates like Jordans, so basically when shops get them in they can sell them whenever. They aren't available at Niketown,, Eastbay, Foot Locker, etc, so it takes some effort to track some down, unless you have cake and are willing to shell out this much on eBay. But where's the fun in that?

A couple underground websites have them but they literally sell out in a minute. Word had it that it was available on this particular website. So on Friday I did that route as soon as I could, received my confirmation number and was relieved. But the worst email someone could get arrived: "I'm sorry, but your order was canceled." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" The hunt continues.

So I called around local shops last week, and murmurs of DLX in San Mateo was supposed to have them this Monday. On Monday morning I called feverishly, but no one picked up the darn phone! I thought they must be too busy giving people the shoes! You can't evade the Reegsta. So I said screw it, I have a good feeling about this and just drove down there and took my lunch break at 10:30. I done strolled in the store ready to pick up my 10.5s but homeboy was like "sorry bro, we didn't get them in yet." Me: "*&^#$(*^#*&^($!@)(*!!!!!" Whatever, so I just picked up a Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Vinegarette dressing from McD's and went back to work. The hunt continues.

Alas, after my umpteenth visit to Niketalk, someone dropped word that they dropped at HUF in the city. So basically I zigged when I should've zagged. Keep in mind this was around 4pm and traffic going to the city would suck. And I had a dinner date at 6pm. What's reeg to do?! Being the sly cat that I am, I made up an excuse that I had to pick something up (which wasn't really a lie) and slid out the back door. I'm ready to brace the traffic and parking situation in the city. The gift and the curse of living in the Bay: competing with many other sneakerheads, hoarders and posers for the limited allotment of kicks.

I'm a couple blocks away from HUF, and I already see a parking spot. Usually I would drive pass the store to find closer parking, but this being rush hour it probably would be more beneficial if I just parked and acted like Dash from The Incredibles. Plus I had adrenaline on my side. I dashed 1.75 blocks and calmly walked the rest of the way, since I couldn't be "HUF"fing and puffing into the store. I see the kicks on display. Whew. "10.5 please." He brings it out, I try them one. Damn they don't fit well, how about an 11? I try them on, but damn these are too long. I was gonna ask for a 10.75, but didn't wanna look corny in front of their "cool" workers. I pay a buck fitty plus tax on a pair of kicks that has a MSRP of $65 literally listed on the box and still walk out with cheesy face. The hunt is over (until the next one comes along).

Then I read that DLX SF has them and are selling them for $89. Great.