Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yesterday was the first episode of SV that I've seen "live" in awhile. I was a littler weirded out by the whole lana/isabelle transformation, but at least the show was primarily about her. She got a lot of airtime for once.

- it was a good episode right away when LL bought the spellbook off eBay haha. she mentioned she maxed out her credit card since she had to have it (i'm too familiar with the feeling!)
- man jason should've known right away that something was wrong with her, otherwise she wouldn't be talking like she was in the addam's family
- sometimes CK is affected by people's powers, and other times he's not. they aren't the most consistent bunch
- *whew* *whew* LL is a virgin (and lois isn't!). if you recall, i spoke about her losing it in Paris, but evidently that's not the case. *whew*
- CK is one also, and I'ma feel bad for any girl that gets it from him
- you think Jason would get some not only in Paris, but even for travelling halfway across the world. apparently not.
- lana is saving herself for clark (or me, whomever comes first - no pun intended!)
- haha imagine him doin the deed, and all this fire comes out of his eyes hahaha
- back to your PG show, but definitely PG-13 this season
- why did CK schedule the Princeton visit while his folks were out of town? was it for an athletic scholarship? in real life, ivy league schools do not give out those types of schollies, so naturally i wasn't able to get in harvard
- CK dancing makes me look like Ursher
- CK has another weakness - magic
- damn LL was sexy throughout the whole episode...wowsers
- she wore that backless top again!
- lex must have had other motives to get Jason axed...i ain't buying that, and not because I have no skrilla
- good to see LL and CK make amends, but only if CK revealed some cave secrets to her. obviously she's destined if that tat just appeared on here.
- when she showed CK her tat, I hope hoping she mooned him too
- i'll give this one a 4 out of 5

Happy Veteran's Day yall!