Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm pretty excited since this is my 1st election year that i'm voting. here are my prelimary votes for the major categories:

president - john kerry (i love ketchup and he wears a livestrong band, but these obviously aren't the reasons)

YES on prop 66 - so many minorities are unfairly jailed its no joke. cali spends more $krilla on jails than schools. 3rd strike offenders are getting life sentences for nonviolent crimes. the ads you hear about rapists and murderers walk the street? well they shouldn't even have the option for a 2nd strike let alone a 3rd strike...lock em up from the jump

YES on prop 68/70 - i love gambling and i hate that indian casinos have to alter their games to conform to state mandated regulations, but this minor inconvenience pales in comparison to the potential revenue that that state can generate.

NO on prop 69 - usually whenever something involves the number 69, I'm for it. but not in this case. i mean, do we really need everyone's DNA?

YES on prop 71 - not because of christopher reeve, but the future of mankind (okay maybe a lil over dramatic) lies with medical research. it grants loot for researchers and schools, and i don't mind if some of my chips goes to this.

YES on prop 72 - man, its sad when i hear that sick cats can't receive health care simply because they can't afford it. but my wallet is gonna take another hit?! yeah, but we're gettin' taxed regardless. i'd rather use that money to help a brother out than something else.

Yall know that song Mr. Wendal by Arrested Development? there's a line that goes "Here's a dollar, naw brotherman, here have 2...a dollar is a snack to me, but it means a big deal to you." this is how i feel about our country. we have the wealth, but we need to be like a pair of legs and spread it!

Go vote yall.